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You may qualify for hands-on help to deploy the “postures” of the SaaSup framework that has helped several companies in Europe, US and LatAm build world-class and scalable SaaS and SaaS-like revenue engines

My areas of expertise are:

  • In traditional non-tech businesses and corporations B2C & B2B, coaching and helping business leaders deploy strategically AND operationally SaaS-like Customer Centric organisations and business models, for example with British American Tobacco for the scaleup of GLO internationally.
  • In B2B SaaS companies, acting with the operational mindset of a Chief Revenue Officer (fractional) to help the CEO and her teams to zoom out on strategic go-to-market topics as well as zoom in on tactic issues to make the right decisions that I can help execute quickly, including hiring and onboarding the right sales, customer success and marketing leaders. My sweet spot is with solutions and platforms with contract value in the Middle Market and Enterprise range and sales cycles between 3 and 12 months.

How to work together.

I typically work with no more than 3-4 companies at the same time.

Most of my engagements last between 6 and 12 months, but that is not a requirement. My minimum commitment is typically for at least three months together.

I also have commitments lasting years, especially with companies in a very early stage and before a first VC round. I can get involved investing as Business Angel and at the same time coaching and advising operationally.

In any of these cases, once we have a discovery session and believe there is a mutual fit, we will align on the growth possibilities in the next 6-12 months and the 1-2 quick wins that could be reached in 3 initial months of cooperation.

We will define in advance the agenda for the first few weeks and before the kick-off I simply require the sign-off of a Statement of Work for the initial three months.

How often will we meet?

If we are aligned on the opportunity to work through the SaaSup framework as a Strategic Partnership, the routine is as follows:

  • The same day each week is booked from 10:00 to 16:00 for operational online sessions with the CEO, the leadership team and their teams.
  • I’m available on the go between the weekly sessions for emails, help-on-line and catch-up calls. I think about my 3-4 key projects all the time and I do not charge for the time. I charge for the outcomes.
  • Additional ad-hoc onsite when needed and typically out of scope.

If we are not ready for a closer and strategic partnership from the beginning, we could schedule ad-hoc coaching sessions (depending on calendar availability) to work on specific go-to-market pains and gap. I call these sessions SaaS-teopathy sessions because they typically are hand-on “manipulations” to the go-to-market postures of the business.


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