Luigi Mallardo

Luigi Mallardo

Revenue Leader for Growth

Hi, I’m Luigi, first of all a Father and second an ex Basketball pro turned into Entrepreneur, Growth and Transformation Executive, Go-To-Market Coach and Advisor with a track record of helping companies develop business models focused on recurring revenue.

The last 20 years I’ve had the privilege to live in 4 countries, work in 3 languages and gain experience in both Fortune 500 corporations and tech scaleups, primarily Software as a Service (SaaS) in Europe, US and Latin America.

Based in the Barcelona area.

It all started with a failure.

So far I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling and diverse professional and life journey.

However, it started with a failure.

In my twenties I was a basketball pro but I failed compared to what insiders (and myself) expected from me.

I had a great talent and reached no more than 20-30% of what I could have achieved.

It was the lack of luck but most of all it was my lack of resilience, clarity of mind and guts.

It hurt but I learned so much.

I learned the secret for success is a combination of courage, obsession with continuous improvement and a bit of luck.

Global Consumer Brands and Innovation.

The first decade of the new millennium I served the International Marketing Boards of brands like Kellogg’s, Lipton, Knorr, Magnum,

Rama and Johnson & Johnson on projects of Global Brand Development and Innovation.

Based out of London, I did for example quite a lot of work to help Unilever create the green tea category and develop the global Lipton brand.

I also helped Johnson & Johnson to defend market share against Private Label & Discounters in Europe.

I learned the big picture and the laws of consumer and shopper behavior.

Recurring Revenue Leadership, Digital Transformation and SaaS.

In 2010 I walked away from Corporate as I wanted to redesign my business life towards digital technologies and startups.

Since then, I’ve had various roles as VP Sales, Chief Revenue Officer, Advisor, Operational Coach, and Business Angel in SaaS scaleups in London, Barcelona and San Francisco. Focusing mainly on Enterprise and Middle Market across several technologies and industries.

I learned the secret for most tech scaleups is to be compatible with the incumbents, not fighting necessarily to replace them.

Now I:

  • Run SaaSup, a proven hands-on Revenue Leadership and Growth as a Service framework that has helped to build and grow healthily around 20 successful organizations and teams.
  • Coach and Advise:
    • SaaS CEOs and their direct teams on revenue strategy, processes and execution.
    • CEOs and Boards of Non-SaaS companies on how to adopt Go-To-Market SaaS models.
  • Act as Chief Revenue Officer and Business Angel “on the court” at two high-growth SaaS startups: Woffu and Massive.
  • Keep on continuous research, experimentation and sharing mode:
    • Teaching regularly at IE Business School to non-tech entrepreneurs and CEOs about SaaS models.
    • Curating personally a Blog and the SaaSification newsletter.
    • I’m a pioneer member of Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective) in Europe and founder of the Barcelona Chapter.

I’m also on Linkedin and Twitter if you’d like to follow my journey.

Basketball team

“Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success”

Kobe Bryant

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