Luigi Mallardo

Luigi Mallardo

Hi, I’m Luigi, a father and go-to-market leader, coach and advisor for Software as a Service scaleups (SaaS, $0 to $50M) and public listed companies in traditional industries with over 20 years of experience in 4 countries.

Based in Barcelona.

It all started with a failure.

So far I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling and diverse professional and life journey.

However, it started with a failure.

In my twenties I was a basketball pro but I failed compared to what insiders (and myself) expected from me.

I had a great talent and reached no more than 15% of what I could have achieved.

It was the lack of luck but most of all it was my lack of resilience and clarity of mind.

I learned the secret for success is a combination of courage, obsession with continuous improvement and a bit of luck.


Since 2014 I’m focused on my hands-on CRO as a Service consultancy (SaaSup) through which I’ve helped four VC-backed B2B software scaleups ($0 to $20M) building strategies, teams and processes in Europe, LatAm, US, and achieving exits as a result.

In one of these (Woffu, acquired by Visma) I was one of the top 5 shareholders at the time of exit in 2022.

I’m also an active go-to-market coach and advisor to several startups and scaleups.


Some of my current and past clients include:

  • Consumer brand listed company British American Tobacco for the SaaS-like scaleup of their new platform of reduced-risk products.
  • B2B Enterprise SaaS scaleup Cloud Academy in the growth journey from $15M to $30M in ARR
  • Leading digital marketplaces group Lifull Connect ($50M+) in building a new SaaS business from scratch ($0 to 15% share of total company revenue in 2 years)
  • Tiendeo (acquired by Shopfully), helping the scaleup move the revenue engine to the next level ($10M to $20M) before the exit.
  • B2B Enterprise SaaS startups Wide Eyes (acquired by Stylitics), Bdeo, Frenetic and Beonprice ($0.2M to 5M), building on the court the Fundamentals of the go-to-market engine (GTM focus, value prop & pitch choreographies, Sales and Customer Success engines and teams).

Academy and Revenue Leadership Community:

Since 2018 I’m Adjunct Professor at IE Business School running classes about SaaS and Customer-Centric go-to-market models.

I’m also one of the early Members of Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective) in Europe, Founder of its Barcelona chapter and Global Ambassador.

I’m also on Linkedin if you’d like to follow me.

Basketball team

“Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success”

Kobe Bryant

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