This is Luigi, a father and ex-basketball pro turned into 6x go-to-market & revenue growth leader with over 20 years of experience in 4 countries and 4 exits.

Based in Barcelona, 15min from the airport.

Corporate vs Startup and Scaleups

I spent the first half of my career in data-driven marketing and brand development roles in big corporations. In the second half I’ve been focused on tech startups and scaleups as hands-on Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Go-To-Market Coach for Private Equity / VC-backed as well as bootstrapped businesses.

My passion is to build “healthy” and sustainable go-to-market strategies and engines 0-100M€ in yearly revenue that reach good exits as a result.

My sweet spot is CRO in B2B SaaS selling into Enterprise and Mid-Market. In EU, LatAm, US.

Experience and Outcomes

More recently:

🏆 I had a personal exit @ Woffu, as CRO and 5% shareholder. I’ve led the go-to-market strategy and its execution (Sales, Customer Success, Marketing) and co-led the exit strategy to PE-backed Visma. 2016-2024.

📈 CRO as a Service in public listed consumer company BAT (British American Tobacco). I’ve led the successful deployment of my SaaS go-to-market framework for the scaleup of the GLO platform in their biggest European country between 2022 and 2024. This has driven increased customer retention and as a result a growth in gross margin by 6% for a business line with a gross margin of 9 digits.

Selection of past engagements in contexts that are typical of PE-backed growth plans:

➡️ Turnaround of the GTM strategy and execution in Enterprise SaaS Whisbi (acquired by Giosg). Joined as SVP Sales in 2014 @ 10M€ in revenue of which SaaS was less than 5%. Exited at end 2017 with 100% SaaS revenue.

➡️ Optimizing sales engines (KPI systems, processes, teams) during the execution of the post-PE acquisition GTM plan in the journey 15M$ to 30M$ in ARR (Cloud Academy, Enterprise SaaS, US). Hands-on Sales Coach to CEO.

➡️ Profitable scaleup Lifull Connect 50+M€ in annual revenue, acquiring companies and focusing on aligning the acquired teams into a unified SaaS go-to-market strategy. Hands-on SaaS Coach to CEO.

In early stage, I’ve helped VC-backed B2B Enterprise SaaS startups such as BDEO and Frenetic, building on the court the early Fundamentals of the go-to-market engine (GTM focus, value prop & pitch choreographies, Sales and Customer Success engines and teams).

I’m Founding Member and Ambassador of Pavilion in Europe, which gives me access to latest trends, benchmarks, best practices and talent with experience.

Since 2018 I’m also Adjunct Professor at IE Business School running classes about SaaS and Customer-Centric go-to-market models.

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