Helping Scaleups Grow “Healthily” towards M&A through a proven hands-on SaaS Go-To-Market and Revenue Leadership Framework.

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PE-backed. Enterprise SaaS platform. Hands-on Coach during journey $15M - $30M ARR

In the first 6 months of cooperation I’ve been able to redefine some of our internal processes, spot issues and data that we were not considering and most importantly, I had someone listening and pouring himself into our sales challenges. I would recommend Luigi to every CEO and founder that is scaling sales in SaaS organization, and I would partner with him on strategy, processes and execution.

Stefano Bellasio
Founder at Cloud Academy - San Francisco

SaaS for time management in SMBs (Acquired by Visma in 2022). CRO and one of top 5 shareholders at exit.

Thanks to Luigi’s framework and dedication we built a focused go-to-market strategy and a solid machine of Sales, Customer Success and Marketing since we were at €2k of MRR. More than five years of collaboration, 300+K€ MRR, negative churn, growing ARPA, & breakeven. Thanks for being always there!

Miguel Fresneda
Founder and CEO at Woffu - Barcelona

Enterprise SaaS (Acquired by Stylistic in 2023). CRO as a Service

We raised a series A in 2018 and needed to build Sales and Customer Success from scratch. In a few months working with Luigi and his framework, we had essential solid Fundamentals implemented (Salesforce, Playbook, a few SDRs building into large fashion enterprises across Europe and US. Our pitch and positioning also evolved to the next level to focus more on use cases and the business impact of our solutions. We worked together for 18 months and it really helped us to build the right fundamentals to scale our go-to-market engine and become increasingly autonomous.

Luis Manent
Luis Manent
CEO and Co-Founder at Wide Eyes Technologies - Barcelona

Marketplace group LIFULL Connect ($50M+). Building a new SaaS business from scratch.

As a group, we are in the process of transforming thorough consolidation and various acquisitions in some of our key markets. This new SaaS approach affects the entire sales process and stakeholders’ collaborations. During the first six months of cooperation, Luigi helped redefine our value proposition and go-to-market strategy. All while he was working with the teams to detect quick wins and implement.

Mauricio Silber
CEO at LIFULL Connect - Barcelona

Public listed company British American Tobacco. Led the SaaSification of the go-to-market strategy for new reduced-risk product offering.

I’ve worked with Luigi for almost two years in BAT. I used his knowledge and his SAAS framework to help shaping few aspects of our business in new categories requiring a new highly consumer centric approach. SAAS mindset does not apply to start ups only but also to big corporates willing to reshape the way they operate, identify the right KPI’s and re engineer processes to ensure consumers are always at the heart of everything we do. He doesn’t have a classic consultancy approach. He works with the team, he’s present on the ground when needed and willing to transfer knowledge to the team making them independent and knowledgeable.

Fabio de Petris
Fabio de Petris
CEO at BAT Italy - Rome

VC-backed, Enterprise SaaS. Hands-on coaching to build the initial Fundamentals.

After having built a few years ago the Fundamentals of our go-to-market engine with Luigi’s hands-on approach (GTM focus, value prop & choreographies, Sales and Customer Success initial teams), 60% of that work is still embedded in our business. Especially the mindset and the philosophy of how to scale a complex SaaS business.

Julio Pernía
CEO and Co-Founder at BDEO - Madrid

Corporate Venture Startup, Logistics SaaS Platform.

…as a result we have a perfectly matching playbook, an efficient and stable sales engine. There are clear cadences, sequences, a process that matches the funnel and CRM-software that matches the process. From funnel intake (inbound and outbound) to opportunity-conversion, we were able to step up from a decentralized “everyone-tries-around” sales set-up to having a standardized choreography and a professional backbone! Highest recommendations from team Logward :).

Jonas Krumland
CEO at Logward - Hamburg

VC-backed e-commerce company, personalized books for kids. Coaching for SaaSification.

The operational coaching based on the framework helped us rethink our go-to-market approach, value proposition and pricing/packaging model. We are essentially an e-commerce transactional model but in a few months we could build the mindset of a SaaS business and subscription model. It gave us great inspiration and transfer of best practices.

Muriel Bourgeois
Muriel Bourgeois
CEO at MiCuento - Barcelona